Monday, June 13, 2016

Making a Drill Head for 865's CNC router.

One downside of most CNC routers is the lack of a tool changer. If you've ever operated a CNC mill you'll know that endmills hate plunging into material due to poor chip evacuation. This is really problematic when cutting harder materials and usually means you have to go slowly and dull your endmills. To combat this a lot of commercial CNC routers offer secondary drilling heads for dedicated drilling. Effectively this creates a poor mans tool changer.

Andrew found a perfect drill from Canadian Harbor Freight on sale for $30.
We removed all the plastic crap and the handle leaving a nice round body to clamp to.

After searching through 865's pneumatic cylinder collection we found these two bad boys.

They are definitely over kill force wise but should be large enough that we won't need a linear slide if we keep the forces parallel to the cylinder. 

Time to start cadding.....

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