Friday, June 3, 2016

CNC Build Overview

Steppers: Nema 23  (edit - I wouldn't recommend these steppers, the pcb inside them is very fragile) 
Spindle Head: ER11 Machine Spindle 
Spindle Motor: Trackstar 2560kv 4068 motor (no longer available but equivalent size motor will work)
Spindle Controller: Castle Creations Sidewinder 3
Stepper Control board: CNC Shield
Stepper Driver: DRV8825 
Spindle PSU: HP Power Supply DPS-600PB (You can find tons of these on EBay)
Control Software: GRBL + Chilipeppr


  1. What steppers would you recommend instead of the ones listed?

    1. Pretty much any other NEMA 23 stepper. Don't get obsessed over the highest torque numbers (oz-in) an oversized motor can be just as bad as an undersized one.

    2. Ok awesome thank you. I was just gonna go with some 3 motor kit off of amazon with 3 motors for $70 about.